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Intentional Healing Through Lifestyle Reformation

About Us

At Developing Wellness Therapy Group, we understand that being in therapy is not easy or comfortable. Our staff are not only professionally licensed Therapists, but are also down to Earth, compassionate human Beings, who are here to provide a safe and serene environment, and together, will support You through Your challenging, personal barriers throughout the process of therapy.


We are here to help our Clients accept and understand that we all have self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, which are the things that we think and do that don't actually help us, and most likely are causing us more difficulties.


Our goal is to help our Clients change those self-defeating thoughts and behaviors into more helpful and productive ones, which, in time, will get us better results, with whatever it is You may be struggling with in life.


Together, we will help guide our Clients through reframing the thoughts and Beliefs that keep the patterns of habit, and we prioritize healthy change as a main goal for therapy. We are here as a steady guide and as a reminder that this process is ongoing, and that there is no instant gratification solution that will bring any of us to absolute and complete resolve.


We provide counseling for those looking to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health, who are seeking an improved overall sense of well-Being, and a deeper connection to their higher, spiritual Self.


Our purpose is to help support and empower our Clients with taking initiative in making healthier decisions to improve their overall quality of experiencing life.

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Learn About Our Methods

According to the American Psychological Association, “Psychologists help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.” Through the use of various psychotherapy methods and collaborative treatment measures, You will develop life-changing habits to help cope with all of life’s various obstacles.

In our practice, therapy sessions are designed to unravel the "unhelpful" ways of our thinking and feeling that often influence how and why we tend to mismanage our emotions and behaviors. Perspective is key in identifying how our thoughts create feelings, which in turn, guide our behaviors. Our Clients will learn how to gain a better sense of control with implementing the power of choice with our feelings and behaviors. An important goal for therapy will be to learn how to experience unpleasant feelings and still choose an appropriate behavioral response. Learning how to change our perspective gives us the opportunity to change our lives. Our goal here, at Developing Wellness Therapy Group, is to help our Clients take personal responsibility through this challenge of change.


Meet our Therapists

A Brief Introduction to Who We Are..


Natalie specializes in working with adults with drug and alcohol addiction and recovery,

couples struggling with sex and intimacy,

female sexual empowerment and self-esteem,

and ketamine assisted psychotherapy for mental health, addiction and psychiatric medication cessation.

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"The level path is easy, but it won't bring you to the mountain top."

-Dr. Idel Dreimer

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