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Enneagram Personality

Exploring Greater Self-Knowledge

The enneagram helps us analyze personality traits and the counterparts of the Shadow.

It considers personality "center of intelligences", being body, heart or head. It considers another level of depth within subtypes, the emphasis on three basic instincts, being self-preservation, social interaction, and sexual (or one to one) bonding.

In Enneagram coaching, you will learn all about the enneagram, its long, and ancient history, and how to identify and understand your type, and implement personal development and healing with this information and understanding.


Natalie is not only an enneagram enthusiast, but also a Certified Enneagram Coach. 

"In all of my years of studying psychology and learning about personality and the different personality tests and assessments out there, the Enneagram is the one that I have found to be spot on, in other words, really helpful, not just in my personal life, but within my clinical experience with Clients also," -Natalie Siwiec

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