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Intimate Relationship Building


Our couples therapy sessions are primarily focused on sex, intimacy and communication. We are here as the objective, third person, to observe how the couple interacts with each other and provide feedback on how to implement effective communication skills, even while emotional influence is present in the relationship dynamic.

We see all types of couples who have the same goal, to improve their connection to one another.


Relationship issues like boredom, feeling disconnected, feeling misunderstood, feeling disrespected, infidelity, jealousy, and feeling controlled are all reasons to seek out couples counseling. 

Sex Therapy for couples sessions address issues with sexual desire, eroticism in the bedroom, affection, intimate touch and conversation, emotional trust, sacrifice and compromise. 


We value what the Couples value, whether it be traditional or non-traditional views of what a relationship means to the couple, sexual orientation, and monogamous or non-monogamous. 

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